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To participate in this week's auction, you must first register by filling out the form on this page. A valid credit/debit card must be entered to participate in the online auction. Your credit/debit card will NOT be charged any fees or registration charges. Participation in the auction is absolutely free. Your credit/debit card will be kept on file. There is no need to fill out the form each auction. If your credit/debit card information changes or needs updating, please complete a new form and the system will automatically update. Auction22 and Storage agrees to keep all credit/debit card information private. We will not share your information with anyone other than our credit card services provider. 

At the close of the auction your credit/debit card WILL automatically be charged for the items purchased on the online auction. By completing this registration, you understand that you will be charged for the items you agree to purchase during the online auction. If, for any reason, your credit/debit card is declined at the time of the charge, you understand you are still responsible for payment of the items you agreed to purchase while participating in the online auction.  

By registering to participate online, you agree to these terms. You must be 18 years of age to participate in the online auction.

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