Welcome to Auction 22 online. Please read the following instructions to get signed up to participate online.

Click on the "Sign up here!" button. Once you have signed up you will be asked to pay $1. This $1 fee is to participate online and pre-authorize a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account to secure your order.

Once you have completed the registration, you will be emailed a "Meeting number" to use with Zoom. 

Go to or click the button below. To join Zoom. To join the meeting(auction) you must once again enter your email. This is done so that in the event that communication is lost, we can match the bids with the bidder.

Once you are in the meeting (Auction) use the chat button to make your bids. Simply put the amount in you are wanting to bid and we will enter the bid.

If you leave the auction or at the end of the auction you will be emailed an invoice. Review the invoice to make sure it is accurate and pay the invoice promptly. Invoices must be paid following the auction.

Contact the auction by email or phone to arrange pick-up or delivery. Items must be paid in full at close of auction and pick-up or delivery must be arranged within 5 business days. 

Please understand that if you make a bid, and you win the auction, you have agreed to purchase the item(s) at the winning price plus sales tax. You agree to pay for the item(s) in full at the close of the auction. You understand that in the event you fail to pay at the close of the auction, Auction22 will take legal measures to collect the debt. 

TN License Number: 6165

Firm Number: 6875

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